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Arlington, TX


Custom Cut Mint Sandstone and Mississippi Limestone


This incredible home in Arlington TX was conceived, planned, and designed by its owner. With a strong vision in place, MStone was called upon to provide to stone to fulfill that vision. From custom fabrication to utilizing stocked products, the materials were carefully selected to completely fulfill the needs of this project, and contributed to what is a magnificent and stunning home. This project called for custom cut stone cladding. The 3/4″ Mint Sandstone was custom fabricated, and adhered to the exterior of the home. Mississippi Limestone was used as base, trim, and feature material to reflect the pavers on the patio made from the same stone. Pay particular attention to the beautiful installation of the Mint around the radius and curvature on the turrets. The pool area and second floor patio are magnificent. The beautiful contrast of the cladding stones is even further highlighted here with the use of our stocked 16″ x 24″ Mississippi Historical Tiles. This unique finish gives this gorgeous limestone a classic look that give its grey different character in different lights. The interior of this house is simply magnificent. The homeowner designed a grand entryway leading into a house covered in travertine. From the floors, to the walls, to the shower, the beautiful golden brown of the travertine harmonizes beautifully with the dark wood to create a warm and cozy home.